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“I promised you something spectacular,” the Doctor said, “and here we are.”

From Canterbury Cathedral to a space station orbiting a Dyson sphere, the Doctor has seen countless worlds throughout his many lives.

Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys tells some of those stories — fifteen gripping tales showing the universe through the eyes of thirteen incarnations including the War Doctor.

Told by some of the most exciting voices in Doctor Who fandom, contributors include: Hamish Crawford, Nic Ford, Russell McGee, Richard Peevers, Tony Jones, Rob Nisbet, R.P. Fox, Kate Coleman, Kevin Mason, Frank Danes, David Smith and Violet Addison, J.E. Remy, Fionna MacDonald and Nick Mellish.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia (MDABC), which is a non-profit organization that provides treatment, support, education, and hope of recovery for people living with a mood disorder.

“A second volume of exciting stories for all ages.”


Grave Warnings Australian Book Launch

16299132_1363400690400193_5466045042545128989_nHey, if any of you reside in Queensland Australia, you may be interested in attending this special event in Rockhampton on Friday February 24th.

Grave Warnings author Jodie van de Wetering is hosting a special launch night at the Red Dahlia Bar in Rockhampton Queensland.  Join us for a spooky night on Friday, February 24 featuring haunting live music, and top storytellers sharing tales of the living and the dead. We’re having a party to celebrate the launch of Grave Warnings, a collection of horror fiction from indie outfit Pencil Tip Publishing.

There’s a $5 cover charge will help cover our operating expenses for the night and pay our artists, contributing to CQ’s arts economy.

Copies of Grave Warnings will be available for purchase.

INTERVIEW: Hamish Crawford

grave-warnings-front-cover-jack-drewell-nov-2016Our third in the series of interviews with the authors of Grave Warnings continues today with Hamish Crawford author of the story, Vacancy.

How and when did you get interested in writing?

The desire to write seized me at an early age and never let go. At an early age, comedy writing fascinated me–and as a child of the 1980s, Lego allowed me to build worlds and make up stories. Those two divergent poles (jokes and building pirate ships) still shape a lot of my writing.

Where did you get the inspiration for your story?

Lonely men, and the difficulty adults have forming new friendships without questioning the other person or themselves. From there, the horror elements spun out naturally. It seemed that a character who spends too much time thinking to himself would have a slightly unbalanced view of the world. If strange things started happening to him, he wouldn’t quite know how to react to it–or he’d doubt himself.

What was your biggest challenge in writing your story?

I scare very easily, but am aware that horror fans don’t! Also, it takes a lot of skill to generate the kind of M.R. James/H.P. Lovecraft atmosphere. Their writing is very slow and has a lot of implication to it–often times the scares are just barely hinted at–and I really wanted to capture that kind of dread. I hope I got some of the way there!

Do you have a favourite author, and if so, why?

I have too many to count really–but in the horror field, I want to say a special word about Bram Stoker. Dracula is a strange book–it has exerted such a powerful hold on pop culture, has had such a legacy, and is pored over and studied in such detail … and all in ways, I feel, Stoker would never have considered. The book itself is alternately genius and drivel–you’ve got the fascinating background in Castle Dracula, the eerie flight of the Demeter, the wonderful character of Mina Harker, and Renfield’s subplot in the former camp, and then you’ve got all the house-hunting and misogyny and that pompous old dullard Van Helsing in the latter camp. And yet, it’s still an entirely absorbing, fascinating, and scary read, for all its faults. Maybe because of them.

Interview © 2016 Pencil Tip Publishing

INTERVIEW: Craig Charlesworth

grave-warnings-front-cover-jack-drewell-nov-2016Beginning today, and over the next little while, we’ll be featuring short interviews with each of the authors who are published in GRAVE WARNINGS. First up is an interview with Craig Charlesworth, who’s story, “The Dumb Show” is featured in the book.


How and when did you get interested in writing?

I’d been fascinated by books from a very early age and the notion that I could write stories myself grew out of that. I used to scribble stories in my notebook at school, as did a friend of mine. We’d read through each other’s stuff and critique it. Then for a long time I put it to one side; going to university and getting a job took precedence. I started getting interested again when Doctor Who returned to TV in 2005, I’d been a fan of the show in my childhood and really liked the new show and I started getting into online fandom. I ended up scribbling down some fan fiction just for fun, which led to me getting in touch with Bob Furnell at The Doctor Who Project. Having my writing critiqued and edited by a good team was great and encouraged me to do more, including writing a few novels. Despite my enthusiasm this was only ever a hobby, the idea of actually having my work published was never really at the front of my mind because it seemed like such a long shot that it would ever happen. Thanks to Pencil Tip, however, my work has finally seen print!

Where did you get the inspiration for your story?

This is going to sound a bit weird, but it was actually a nightmare I had. I woke up one night shrieking having had this horrible dream and immediately though ‘that’s a brilliant idea for a story!’ I woke my wife up to tell her about it, much to her chagrin, and then I was afraid to go back to sleep in case I forgot it; fortunately I didn’t. I was planning to write the story anyway but within days of coming up with the idea Bob and the guys at Pencil Tip mentioned they were planning a collection of ghost/horror stories and it just seemed like the planets were in alignment. I submitted the idea and was delighted to have it accepted.

What was your biggest challenge in writing your story?

Finding the time. The story itself actually emerged more-or-less pre-formed in my head and when I broke it down it all seemed to fit together nicely, there weren’t any big structural problems that I struggled to overcome. But my wife and I recently had our first baby and between working full time and changing nappies, there wasn’t a lot of time for writing!

Do you have a favourite author, and if so, why?

I’m a big fan of Paul Magrs, I got into him through his Doctor Who novels and have since read all his Brenda and Effie novels, which are great. I like him because he’s such a great ideas man, with a stunning imagination. I also like that he’s created a universe that’s his, and even when he’s writing for something like Doctor Who he makes the show fit into HIS universe, not the other way around. It’s really audacious and it works really well. Alan Moore is another, a writer with a dizzying intellect and an outstanding imagination who doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he’s chosen to work primarily in comics. Patrick Suskind is another in the same bracket; he has an absolutely stunning imagination and the nerve to write stuff that nobody else would dream of. Specifically on ghost stories, since that’s why we’re here, I love The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, The Woman in Black by Susan Hill and The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Those are all absolutely stunning.

Interview © 2016 Pencil Tip Publishing

Announcing… Grave Warnings

grave-warnings-front-cover-jack-drewell-nov-2016Five windows into Hell, five doorways into Damnation.

From Pencil Tip Publishing comes Grave Warnings, an anthology featuring five upcoming authors of the strange and weird. Journey into the eerie emptiness of the Australian outback, where a researcher gets too close to the insects he’s cataloguing. Travel back to the blood drenched streets of Paris during the Great Terror, where ghosts haunt the survivors. A haunted house lays claim to fresh victims, while a strange new housemate worms his way into his landlord’s life. While a deceased estate in Victorian England brings nightmares to those linked to it.

Grave Warnings features stories from: Sarah Parry, Hamish Crawford, Jodie van de Wetering, Craig Charlesworth and Hannah Parry.

Edited by Bob Furnell, Robert Mammone & Jez Strickley
Cover designed by Jack Drewell

Coming Winter 2016

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Pencil Tip begins a new promotion for both The Temporal Logbook and the Sapphire & Steel Omnibus.

This is a perfect opportunity to pick up a copy of either, or both, books if you haven’t purchased a one yet, or want to order extra copies for yourself, or as presents.

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