Chromakey Magazine

Chromakey is our journal dedicated to science-fiction, fantasy, telefantasy, and cult television. Each issue delves into aspects of specific television series through original interviews, in-depth and informative articles, reviews, analysis, and much more.

Chromakey publishes a variety of written material including: articles, reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, analysis, features, etc. that is informative, in-depth, detail orientated and retrospective. 

Chromakey is neither a fanzine nor a professional large-scale magazine (like a TV Zone, People, Us, Starburst, Vogue, GQ, Infinity, Doctor Who Magazine, etc.), but rather a hybrid of the two — something in-between (i.e. amateur and professional). The publisher’s intention is to do a modern-day version of Timescreen, The Frame, and Action TV, while aiming for something that is a little more professionally produced and run — something along the lines of a literary journal.

Chromakey can be purchased via the Pencil Tip Publishing store on

Chromakey Issue 5 - Final smallIssue 5 | January 2021 | $8.99 CAD




Issue 4.5 | Summer 2020 | $6.75 CAD




Issue 4 | Spring 2020 | $9.99 CAD




Issue 3 | Winter 2020 | $9.99 CAD




Issue 2 | Summer 2019 | $9.99 CAD




Issue 1 | Winter 2019 | $9.99 CAD