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Author Personal Appearance


Author of “The Cuckoo In Winter”

will be appearing at the York Unleashed Comic Con


Craig Charlesworth, author of the novel The Cuckoo In Winter will be appearing at the York Unleashed Comic Con 2018 on Sunday August 12th.

Craig will signing copies of his novel as well selling copies of various Pencil Tip Publishing books.

There might even be a few other surprises in store.

Not only will Craig be there representing Pencil Tip, but other guests include David Bradley, Nicola Bryant and some bloke called Colin Baker who IIRC played Commander Maxil in Arc of Infinity.

So if you’re anywhere near York Racecourse in August, please pop in and say hi.

Further details can be found on the York Unleased website at


Author Interviews Continue

We’ve continued our interviews with the Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys authors with:

  • Tony Jones author of the Fifth Doctor story Flowers In The Rain
  • Rob Nisbet author of the Sixth Doctor story Symbiogenesis
  • Nick Mellish author of the Seventh Doctor story Five For Rebecca Chancer

You can read the full interviews at

The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys is now available to purchase!

Now Available to Purchase

It’s official.

You can now purchase a copy of our brand new collection of Doctor Who short-stories – Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys

From Canterbury Cathedral to a space station orbiting a Dyson sphere, the Doctor has seen countless worlds throughout his many lives.

Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys tells some of those stories — fifteen gripping tales showing the universe through the eyes of thirteen incarnations including the War Doctor.

Told by some of the most exciting voices in Doctor Who fandom, contributors include: Hamish Crawford, Nic Ford, Russell McGee, Richard Peevers, Tony Jones, Rob Nisbet, R.P. Fox, Kate Coleman, Kevin Mason, Frank Danes, David Smith and Violet Addison, J.E. Remy, Fionna MacDonald and Nick Mellish.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia (MDABC), which is a non-profit organization that provides treatment, support, education, and hope of recovery for people living with a mood disorder.

To purchase a copy click here and you’ll be taken directly to Lulu to place an order.