Submissions: Temporal Logbook III


Updated July 22, 2021

Pencil Tip Publishing is pleased to announce the Temporal Logbook III, a Doctor Who themed short-story collection and the follow-up companion to 2015’s successful short-story collection The Temporal Logbook, and its follow-up, The Temporal Logbook II: Further Journeys.

Doctor Who has one of the most flexible formats in television drama. With the basic premise of an alien who travels throughout space and time in a box that is bigger inside than out, and disguised as a 1960s police public call box, it can’t get much simpler than that. One week the show can be a gothic horror, the next a comedic satire, or a base-under-siege thriller–the possibilities are endless. As with the first two short-story collections, the third volume will feature original stories from a mix of new and up-and-coming writers. All thirteen incarnations of the Doctor will be featured, along with the War Doctor, with a story dedicated to that particular incarnation. For this collection, the stories will be based on the theme “Lives the Doctor has Changed”.

The Temporal Logbook III will be published by Canadian publisher Pencil Tip Publishing, with proceeds from the publication being donated to SETTLED. SETTLED is an independent charity providing free and trustworthy information, advice and support in different languages to EU citizens in the UK. As the UK leaves the European Union, EU citizens must make an application to stay in the UK. Settled helps to ensure that EU citizens gain Settled Status and to respond to the difficulties that they face – now and in the future.

Submission Guidelines

To contribute a story proposal to the Temporal Logbook III, all you have to do is:

  1. Submit 1 story outline/proposal (Multiple submissions are not allowed).
  2. Provide your full name, age and email.
  3. Include a brief bio telling us a bit about yourself (if you haven’t worked with us previously), and if you’ve been published before.

Submission Details

We will be accepting story proposals for publication consideration, till August 21, 2021.

  1. Stories/proposals must be written in English.
  2. Submitted stories should be between 5000-8000 words.
  3. Stories should be based on Doctor Who as broadcast on BBC Television.
  4. Submissions are sought for the Fifth, Tenth, Twelfth and War Doctors only. Any submissions for other Doctors will not be read.
  5. Stories should feature the appropriate companion(s) with the correct incarnation of the Doctor. For example, if you submit a Fourth Doctor story it should feature the companion(s) associated with his era of the television series. (Please note, we will also accept stories featuring companions you have created yourself.) For rights reasons, we cannot accept stories featuring the Brigadier, or UNIT.
  6. The theme of this collection is “Lives the Doctor has changed” – The Doctor has touched countless lives, some for better, some for worse. Your story should show the effects, for good or ill, an encounter with the Doctor can have.
  7. Stories should be attached to an email as either a Word (.doc/.docx) document.
  8. Stories should be formatted as follows:
    • 8.5 x 11-inch paper size (do not use A4).
    • 1-inch margins all round (e.g. top, bottom, left, right).
    • Double line spacing.
    • Full justified blocked.
    • Each page should contain author name, story title and page number in the header.
    • Typed using either Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma 12 pt. font. No fancy fonts.
    • North American style double quotes to show speech (e.g. “What do you mean”, asked Sally).
  9. Your submission should include a cover letter. The cover letter should include your full name, age, email address, story title, and detail of any previous publication history.

If Your Story Is Accepted for Publication

If your story is accepted for inclusion in the collection, writers will have:

  • The opportunity to work with a team of Editors who will work with you and help you write the best story possible.
  • Receive helpful feedback and advice on all aspects of writing from sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and more. Our Editors offer as much help as we can. We edit the stories, make suggestions on them, and support our writers.
  • Appropriate time to revise and submit second drafts of their story. Please note we will inform you the date(s) when drafts are due.

How and When to Submit

  1. Stories attached to the body of an email in Microsoft Word format
  2. Submissions sent to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note
Pencil Tip Publishing reserves the right to reject submissions without further explanation. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submitted stories, if your story is not chosen for publication, while we would love to reply to you individually, we simply don’t have time to provide a detailed explanation as to why your story was not used.

Authors whose stories are used for publication will receive a contributors copy of the published book.

Pencil Tip Publishing will hold the Exclusive right to publish your short story in a hardcopy format for two years, and non-exclusively thereafter. Stories must be previously unpublished and must be original work. This means that the story should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online. This includes publications on an author’s own website. Rights will revert back to the writer 24 months after publication. You will be asked to sign a contract to this effect if your story is accepted for publication

Multiple Submissions
We will not be accepting multiple submissions. One submission per person.

Our Response Time
Up to 45, or more, days after the closing date. We will be as quick as we can to read and assess your story. Please bear in mind that depending on the number of submissions we receive, this may take longer. The professional commitments of the editors may also impact response time. We will try to respond to your submission on or before our set response time. If there are any delays, we will post updates on the blog. Unfortunately, individual responses to unsuccessful submissions will not be possible. When all stories are chosen, an announcement will be made on the blog and through Social Media.

We’re looking forward to reading your story for consideration as part of the Temporal Logbook III.

TTL III Editorial Team
July 2021

Submission Status

Updated: July 18, 2021

The following indicates which story slots have been filled and those which are still awaiting submission. If the selected Doctor remains blank, this means we still require a story for this incarnation of the Doctor.

  • First DoctorFilled
  • Second DoctorFilled
  • Third DoctorFilled
  • Fourth Doctor – Filled
  • Fifth Doctor
  • Sixth Doctor –Filled
  • Seventh DoctorFilled
  • Eighth DoctorFilled
  • War Doctor
  • Ninth Doctor
  • Tenth Doctor
  • Eleventh Doctor –Filled
  • Twelvth Doctor
  • Thirteenth DoctorFilled