Update on ‘Roving Reporter’ Project

If you have any plans in contributing to our “Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter” project, you may be interested to know that both the project’s blog and Facebook page were updated today.

You can find the blog at: https://sarahjanesmithrovingreporter.wordpress.com , while the Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/162631004331660/?ref=bookmarks


PTP E-Books?

While we’re looking into the logistics of this, Pencil Tip is currently looking into developing e-Book versions of their books. Stay tuned for news.

Just Released: Star One Compendium

Our latest book, the Star One Compendium, has been released.

Star One was a short-lived Canadian fan magazine dedicated to the BBC-TV sci-fi series Blake’s 7. Four issue were published between 2011-12, with an unreleased fifth issue planned for early 2013.

Compiled and edited by Bob Furnell, featuring artwork by Richard Farrell, this special omnibus edition brings together many of the articles from the original issues – updated and revised – brand new material specially written for this publication, plus material intended for the unpublished fifth issue.

The Star One Compendium features:

  • Interviews with Chris Boucher (Blake’s 7 script writer & editor); David Richardson (Big Finish); and authors Scott Harrison, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • Original Fiction by fan authors Winnie Lacesso and Katherine Lopez
  • An all new original “Blake’s 7” short-story by J.E. Remy (Temporal Logbook) specially written for the compendium
  • Results to the Star One Series Survey – the first time these results have been made public
  • Original artwork by Richard Farrell (Andersonic, Plaything of Sutekh)
  • Articles, reviews, opinion pieces and more!

Page Count: 258 pages, 6×9 Paperback
ISBN: 9780995319523
Published: November 2017

You can order your copy by visiting Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Cuckoo In Winter Author Talks with That’s York

Watch the following video of The Cuckoo In the Winter author Craig Charlesworth as he talks to That’s York about the book, his inspiration behind writing it, and whether or not he believes in ghosts.


New Short-Story Collection for 2018

Pencil Tip Publishing is pleased to announce our latest Doctor Who-themed charity short-story collection, Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter – an affectionate tribute to the character and the actress who played her.

Sarah Jane Smith is without a doubt, one of the most popular of the Doctor’s companions. An investigative journalist who traveled with the Doctor, she was confident, courageous, compassionate and inquisitive. She had a sharp mind and tongue, and was unabashedly feminist – the perfect strong female character, and a positive example to young girls everywhere.

Elisabeth Sladen was the talented actress who brought the character of Sarah Jane Smith to life supporting the third (Jon Pertwee) and fourth (Tom Baker) Doctors from 1973-76. Sladen’s character later set of on her own in K9 and Company (1981), Downtime (1995), and the Sarah Jane Smith audio series (2002-06), produced by Big Finish Productions. Her performance gained her a multitude of adoring fans, loved wherever Doctor Who has aired, and extending across new generations through her popular performance of the character in The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-11).

This special publication will feature a selection of new adventures for Sarah Jane as written by a selection of Doctor Who fandom’s best original writing, artwork, and more.

All net proceeds from this publication will be donated in support of the British Columbia Cancer Foundation, the fundraising partner of the BC Cancer Agency and the largest charitable funder of cancer research in this province. The BCCF enable donors to make contributions to leading-edge research that has a direct impact on improvements to cancer care for patients in British Columbia.

Page Count: TBD, Paperback
Published 2018

You can find more information, including submission guidelines, on Facebook and on the SJS: Roving Reporter blog.