Star One Compendium Second Printing

All of us here at Pencil Tip are thrilled to reveal that a revised second printing of the Star One Compendium is available to purchase.  The compendium had been discontinued back in 2019 but due to on-going requests from readers, we’ve made a revised edition available again.

Star One was a short-lived Canadian fan magazine dedicated to the BBC-TV science-fiction series, Blake’s 7. Four issues were published between 2011-12, with an unreleased fifth issued planned for early 2013.

Compiled and edited by Bob Furnell, this special omnibus edition brings together many of the articles from the original issues – updated and revised – plus brand new material specially written for this release, plus material intended for the unpublished fifth issue.

  • Interviews with: Chris Boucher (Script Writer & Editor), David Richardson (Big Finish), Scott Harrison (author), Cavan Scott (author) & Mark Wright (author)
  • Original fiction by fan-writer Winnie Lacesso, plus an all new original Blake’s 7 short story by J.E. Remy (Temporal Logbook) specially written for the compendium
  • Results to the Star One Series Survey – the first time these results have been made public
  • Original artwork by Richard Farrell (Andersonic, Plaything of Sutekh)
  • Articles, reviews, opinion pieces and much more!

Originally published: 2017, Revised Edition published: January 2021
ISBN: 978-0-9953195-2-3
Book info: 6×9 US Trade Paperback / Revised 2021 Edition / 246 pages

You can purchase a copy of the Star One Compendium by visiting the Pencil Tip Publishing store on Lulu at:

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