Grave Warnings II: Hob House Reviewed

We’re very pleased to note that writer Rick Cross has submitted us a review of our latest short-story collection Grave Warnings II: Hob House.

Hob House is the second Grave Warnings horror anthology from Pencil Tip Publishing. This sly and shivery collection of stories, edited by Craig Charlesworth and Richard Peevers, springs from an ingenious concept: Challenge a group of talented authors to deliver a series of spooky tales about the same accursed house, visiting its halls and darkest recesses across the centuries and down through the generations, pondering the lives and misfortunes of those brave or foolish enough to walk in its corridors and sleep in its dark embrace.

You can read the full review by visiting the “Reviews” section of the blog.

Rick Cross is a NASA communications writer, the author of “Lethbridge-Stewart: Times Squared” (Candy Jar Books) and a contributor to “After Sundown (Simon & Schuster), What the Fans Think: Blake’s 7” and “Outside In Trusts No One” (ATB Publishing).

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