Calling all fans of the Gerry & Sylvia Anderson series UFO we are looking for additional articles, opinion pieces, and essays for our forthcoming book What The Fans Think: UFO.

This is the perfect opportunity for fans of the series to delve deep into the mythos of the series, its characters and more. Is there an aspect of UFO you’ve always wanted to explore in print?

These special essays, short articles/opinion pieces, etc. will be spread throughout the publication as a counterpoint to the featured episode reviews. These special pieces can cover just about any aspect of the TV series.

Possible topics could include:

  • “Why were the aliens coming to Earth?” or
  • “Who and what was SHADO?” or
  • “What made Commander Straker such a determined individual?” etc.

You name it. The themes are endless.

Please note: Articles/essays should be no more than 3500 words in length.

If you’re interested in contributing an essay or opinion piece to What The Fans Think: UFO, please contact us at

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