Out Now! Grave Warnings II: Hob House

Pencil Tip is pleased to announce the official release of our latest book, Grave Warnings II: Hob House is now available to purchase. Following on from our 2016 release Grave Warnings, this second volume of ghostly tales of the supernatural and suspense features a further seven exciting short-stories from six of the best new writers in the horror genre.

Alexander Penrose had a simple idea. He just wanted a home for himself and his family, and when he found a beautiful plot of land going cheap in the English countryside, he could see no earthly reason not to buy it and build the house of his dreams. But sometimes, just sometimes, there is a reason why land is cheap.

These seven tales follow the history and fortunes of the house he built – Hob House – as its terror-filled halls weave their way from one century to the next. From the reign of George III to the modern day, meet the poor souls who were fated to become its inhabitants in life… and sometimes in death.

Six of the best new writers in horror – Craig Charlesworth, Simon Blake, Greg Maughan, Peter Gouldson, Robert Mammone and Richard Peevers – invite you to open the doors and step inside. But do so at your own risk, because not everyone who goes in comes out again. And those who do are never quite the same again.

Published October 5 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9953195-7-8
Book info: Trade Paperback | 260 Pages
Price: $17.99 CAD | $15.99 USD | £12.99 UK | $19.25 AUS | €12.99 EUR

Purchase your copy from the Pencil Tip Publishing store at: https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/penciltippublishing

Save an additional 15% off the cover price by using code FALL15 from now to October 9 at checkout.

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