UPDATE: What The Fans Think: UFO **Updated**

Updated: July 1, 2020

Thank you to everyone who’s contacted us so far about contributing to WHAT THE FANS THINK: UFO project.  We’re very pleased with the response so far.

Episodes are quickly being assigned for review, so if you’re interested in reviewing one of the series episodes, please do feel free to contact us.  As of this post, we have the following episodes still unassigned and ready for review:

Episode 2: Exposed
Episode 4: Conflict
Episode 6: E.S.P.
Episode 9: Destruction
Episode 12: The Psychobombs
Episode 13: Survival
Episode 15: Flight Path
Episode 16: The Man Who Came Back
Episode 17: The Dalotek Affair
Episode 19: Ordeal
Episode 20: Court Martial
Episode 21: Computer Affair
Episode 23: The Sound of Silence
Episode 25: The Responsibility Seat
Episode 26: The Long Sleep

Full submission details can be found by clicking the “Submissions: What The Fans Think” tab above.  It’s easy to become involved – all that’s involved is spending roughly an hour of your time watching an episode of the series and then writing 1000-1750 words of your honest review/thoughts/assessment of the episode. That easy.

Plus, we’re also looking for essays that cover any aspect of UFO. These can be short articles/opinion pieces/analysis/character profiles, etc which will be interspersed throughout the publication. Topics could be on things like: “Why were the aliens coming to Earth?” or “Discovering the motivations behind Commander Straker?” or “What were the dynamics between Straker and his team?” etc. – whatever you’d like to write about. (These ‘bonus’ pieces should be no more than 3000 words.)

Please note that contributors will receive a contributors copy of the published book.

Contact us at penciltippublishing@shaw.ca if you’d like to contribute.

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