We are now accepting submissions for the very first issue of Chromakey.

We are looking for contributors who have sound knowledge of science fiction, fantasy, telefantasy and cult television.

What We’re Looking For

  • Series overview/history (in-depth overview of the TV series)
  • Interviews with in-front or behind-the-camera personnel
  • Episode Reviews (reviews of select episodes from various TV series)
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Topical Discussions
  • Point-of-View
  • Themed articles (e.g. minorities in television, etc…)
  • Series/season overviews/assessments
  • Reviews of television-related DVDs, video, books and audio releases
  • Other similarly written material

Word Count

  • Main Feature articles should be circa 3000-5000 words.
  • Feature articles should be circa 2000-3000 words.
  • Reviews should be circa 800-1000 words.
  • NB: There are exceptions to this limit depending on the subject of the review.

Please check with us first before submitting material longer than 3000 words/4 pages.

Articles should be insightful, informative, grammatically correct and well-written, but should not read like something from a college textbook. Material should still retain that element of ‘fun.’

If you have an idea for an article, or have any questions about contributing to the first issue, please contact us direct at the Pencil Tip Publishing email address.